About us

'Revolve' (formerly Pole-Angels) was started by myself, Michelle, almost three years ago. I am a fully qualified freelance Fitness Instructor based in Shropshire. As well as Pole Fitness classes I am also qualified to teach ETM classes (exercise to music-Aerobics), Studio Resistance classes (free weights to music) and Aqua Aerobics.

I started attending Pole fitness classes about a year before I began teaching.  I do have a fitness background but I am not a professional dancer. I have always loved to dance and find that the two areas work very well together. I try to combine both the art of dance and fitness into a great, fun, toning workout which both my students and myself all enjoy.

From my very first lesson I was hooked, what could be better than having a great toning workout in a fun atmosphere. Whilst I was still a pole student, my instructor asked if I would like to represent them in a national Pole Fitness competition. Needless to say I was terrified, it was so unlike me or anything I had ever done before. The thought of standing up and dancing in front of a group of strangers and having them all staring at me scared me to death. But I plucked up the courage and I did it. To my absolute shock and amazement I won, and I was crowned 'MISS POLE PRINCESS 2006'

Since then I have been teaching Freelance Pole Fitness classes in Birmingham. But in 2007 I thought it was time that the people of Shropshire also had the opportunity to experience this fantastic, fun, toning workout for themselves. Which is why I started 'Revolve' Pole  Fitness School. (formerly Pole-Angels)

We offer classes, courses, parties and private tuition in both Shropshire and Birmingham. We also take bookings for special occasions such as Hen Parties, Birthday Parties etc. Classes are held at various venues throughout the area. We offer classes at all levels from complete beginner through to advanced level, so there should be a class to suite any level of student. Please note: Minimum age to attend the classes is 16 years old.

Ther are a lot of fitness professionals now teaching Pole Fitness classes because it has finally been recognised as a fantastic, fun, toning workout class. The stigma which used to be attached to this form of exercise/dance is now being overcome because it has been recognised as a beneficial form of exercise both physically and mentally. It is also a great way to boost your confidence and self esteem. Many people, especially women, find the classes quite empowering. The classes allow you to feel good about being you, and about being a woman again.

'There has never been such a fun way to get both your body and mind into great shape'

                     Happy 'Spinning'

                                       Michelle (Revolve Instructor)